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Travel Clinic & Vaccinations

Keep safe on every journey. Visit our travel clinic for the protection you need and travel with confidence

Wherever you and your loved ones are off to, we have you covered. Come and see us in the pharmacy if you need any help understanding what protection you might need, or book in for whenever is convenient for you

Typhoid Vaccine

Typhoid is caused following the ingestion of contaminated food or water infected with the bacterium Salmonella enterica, serotype typhi. The vast majority of cases occur in Asia but there are still reports of infections across the world, particularly in Africa and parts of Central and South America.

Hepatitis A Vaccine

Hepatitis A is an infection of the liver. Symptoms are generally mild but increase in severity with age. The virus is spread via the faecal-oral route via contaminated food or close person to person contact. Certain travellers are at high risk of being infected with the virus.

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