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Hepatitis A Vaccine book now at Widcombe Pharmacy Bath Community Pharmacy for protection. Exceptional customer service. Serving Centre, Widcombe, Combe Down, Oldfield, Twerton, Weston, Larkhall, Southdown

Hepatitis A Vaccine

Visit us to protect yourself against hepatitis A.

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  • Widcombe Pharmacy

Service Description

Hepatitis A is an infection of the liver. Symptoms are generally mild but increase in severity with age. The virus is spread via the faecal-oral route via contaminated food or close person to person contact. Certain travellers are at high risk of being infected with the virus. They are those: - Tourists/travellers staying with or visiting the local population - Frequent and/or long-stay travellers to areas where sanitation and food hygiene are likely to be poor - Already with existing liver disease or haemophilia - Sexual contact between two men - Injecting drug users - Working in high risk hepatitis A areas - Going to areas of hepatitis A outbreaks who have limited access to safe water and medical care Vaccination pricing: £60.00 per dose (1 dose per course) Vaccine Schedule (for those aged between 2 and 85): - 1 dose required - 2 weeks prior to travel preferably but anytime ok - Boos required 6-12 months after 1st dose Symptoms are often mild or absent in young children, but the disease becomes more serious with advancing age. Recovery can vary from weeks to months. Following hepatitis A illness, immunity is lifelong. Symptoms include: - Children are normally asymptomatic - Jaundice may occur in 70-80% of cases - Malaise - Nausea - Loss of appetite

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  • Widcombe Pharmacy - Pharmacy/Chemist, Widcombe Parade, Bath, UK

    01225 447924

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